Farm Cards

This season we are piloting a new program to make access to local, farm fresh produce more convenient for you. Think CSA, only exactly what you want! Our Farm Cards speed up your checkout process, as well as give you more bang for your buck. Farm Cards may be used directly at our farm market at Cheshire Medical Center, or at our on-site Farm Stand. Farm Cards also give you the opportunity to pre-order from our website so you can plan your meals for the week! 

  • How do I get my Farm Card?
    • Cards can be purchased on-site at our farm in Sullivan.  Set up a time to purchase by contacting us!
    • Cards can also be purchased in person at our market at Cheshire Medical Center, Keene on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm
  • Can I pre-order AND purchase more items once I come to pick up from the stand or market?
    • Yes! Definitely. 
  • Am I required to pre-order to use my card?
    • Nope!  You can come to the stand or market during operating hours and use your card.  However you ARE required to purchase a Farm Card if you would like to pre-order.  
  • What's in it for me? 
    • Here is the added value you will receive by purchasing your Farm Card: