Angel Wing Farm is the farming portion of the threefold mission at SCSA.  We grow a variety of vegetables and fruit using healthy, sustainable methods.  We grow in raised beds using no-till, and we amend our soil with biochar, which we produce, and also a complete organic fertilizer (COF), which we make from seed meals, phosphate rock, dolomitic lime, gypsum, and kelp meal.  We also mulch with a thick layer of compost that we make, using manure from Miracles in Motion horse farm, coffee grounds recycled from several coffee houses in Keene, and other local ingredients.  We use no pesticides or herbicides or other non-organic chemicals.    

Our Commitment is to use sustainable practices and to grow nutrient-dense, delicious produce.  We have not applied for organic certification.  

In season, you can find our produce at our farm stand (282 Centre St. Sullivan on Fridays from 12-6pm) and at the weekly farmer's market at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Cheshire Medical Center (by the cafeteria) on Wednesdays from 10-2pm.