Biochar Works

We recently received a nice email from one of our customers.  She has been purchasing produce from us at the farmer's market at Cheshire Medical Center for a couple years now, but this spring she inquired into buying some biochar for her garden.  She liked the quality of our produce, and asked how we grew it, and decided she wanted to try biochar in her garden.  She said she had previously added a lot of expensive amendments to the soil without success and was just about ready to give up on the garden.  When she came out to get it, I sold her less than the she would need for the whole garden.  I suggested she try it on a small part of the garden to see how she liked it before she did the whole garden.

 I also took the opportunity to promote "no-till" and compost mulching, since they work so synergistically with biochar.  As good as biochar is, it works much better with a lot of humus in the ground, as it really increases microbe life in the soil.  Turns the soil into "Terra Preta."  Tilling destroys microbe life, dries out the soil, and promotes erosion.  Anyway, as I've mentioned before:  healthy soil leads to healthy plants, which makes for healthy produce, and makes our bodies healthy.  It all starts with the soil.

Below is her email to us, along with some photos of some really nice, healthy-looking plants in her garden.     ---Steve


Carol & Steve,
I am happy to say that our experiment is going well.  While I planted very late, all the plants are thriving.  I used all the biochar and added COF and now my plants have that wonderful nutrient rich color I have admired in all your produce.
Thanks so much for the tour and all your advice.  I have been telling everyone at work how fortunate we are to be able to purchase your vegetables.
Thanks again, Kim