Avocado (and Lemon) Update


So far we've spotted one avocado fruit.  It's about marble-sized, but growing.  We haven't looked close enough to see if there are more, but they're not jumping out at us.  The good news is:  now we know that it's possible for us to have avocados.

We were a little disappointed in that less than half of the mason bees we ordered and received hatched.  Also, I know now that I need to put a screen over the vents in the greenhouse.  I saw one (and I'm sure there were more) of the bees fly out the vent.  Unfortunately, at the time, the temperature outside was around freezing, and I don't think the bee survived very long, and it definitely didn't find its way back into the greenhouse.

So, the plan for next year is to screen off all vents, and to obtain a lot more pollinators.  "The glass half full" part of me says this will give the trees another year to grow larger and stronger before loading up with fruit.  "Avocados in New Hampshire" is still a work in progress.  At least "Citrus in New Hampshire" is working out exceptionally well.

We Had a lot of extra Meyer lemons, and we sold them to the local food co-op.   They didn't last too long before they were all sold.   Friend Jan Lambert bought one.   Afterward, we had some stragglers that we sold to Putney Mountain Winery to make a test batch of limoncello.  Charles and Kate Dodge, proprietors of the winery,  came and picked up the lemons and took a tour of the greenhouses.  We really enjoyed their company and are looking forward to touring their winery in the near future.  It looks like we are going to be able to establish a beneficial relationship for both of us.