Another Wonderful Visit

Yesterday Rich, Carol, and I were visited by Bob & Celeste Longacre.  The more people we have visit, it seems the better it gets.  Bob & Celeste got in touch with us by referral from our very trusted friend and chiropractor, Dr. Jeb Thurmond.  I had seen Celeste's book in his office before, and read parts of it, and I found it very informative and interesting.  It's all about the right way to garden.  But on a bigger scale, it's all about sustainability, and it has much more information in that regard than just gardening.  And even better, it's directed toward people on a low budget, so the material presented is very practical.  We recommend it highly.





When Bob and Celeste arrived, and we introduced ourselves, we felt the immediate connection of kindred spirits.  Although just like us, being passionate about sustainability, they have many more years of experience at it and the knowledge derived from that.  They were interested in seeing our biochar operation, which Rich explained thoroughly, and the rest of the farm.  And as we strolled around, we were learning more from them than we felt we offered.  After the tour, we exchanged some biochar for a copy of her book and have already read through much of it.  We are very much looking forward to visiting them and seeing their place.  Visit her website, and get her book.  You'll like them.

---Steve & Carol