Coming Event in Keene

SCSA has been invited to host a table on biochar at the upcoming "Urban Farming" festival, being held in Keene, NH on Wednesday, July 15.  See the details here:  MFCC Flyer.

We're excited to be a part of the event.  We believe in the movement toward urban farming and gardening in all its forms, including rooftop gardening, community gardens, urban homesteading, and so on.  The movement toward local fresh food production won't be accomplished entirely by small farms surrounding cities.  Imagine what the landscape would look like if most city residents had vegetable gardens.  I don't think there's any chance that many of them could be entirely food-self-sufficient, but between all those gardens and surrounding farms, that possibility could become reality.  It would change our entire infrastructure and social fabric, from the agribusiness-food distribution-supermarket network, to job structure, infrastructure, utilities, and lifestyle.

Before  moving to New Hampshire in 2010, Carol and I were gardening in southern California.  We had the entire backyard and one side-yard of our small suburban lot converted to garden.  There were two orange trees, a tangerine tree, a plum tree, peach tree, and avocado tree, and a considerable amount of vegetable garden.  All of it would have fit into a very small portion of our current garden, but our friends in California were amazed with our "large" garden.  Here are some photos of that garden, taken six years ago.

What we had built paled in comparison to the Dervaes' garden an hour away in Pasadena.  Their urban homestead may well be the most well-known example of urban farming extant.

What we have learned in our efforts of biochar production have lead us to believe that small-scale urban gardening and farming may well be the best recipient for the use of biochar.  That's why we are excited to be a part of this event.  Come join us!