More Visitors, Again

As we've said before, here and here, we enjoy visitors and the exchange of ideas.  Our visitors usually like seeing what we've done so far and what we are working on, and we like to hear what they are doing as well.  It seems more and more people are interested in sustainability and are moving in that direction.  Last week John Newlin stopped by on his way from his home in Maine to North Carolina to attend a biochar workshop presented by Bob Wells (New England Biochar).  John is in the planning and design stage of setting up a biochar production facility along with greenhouses for aquaponics.  It sounds exciting, and we wish him well. Two weeks ago Anthony Kline, owner, and Bryan Sargent,  farm manager, from nearby Nye Hill Farm came by to see our operation and placed an order for biochar.  They expressed admiration for what we've done here.  I had heard about their farm and been to their website several times.  So when they extended an invitation to us to tour their farm, we took that opportunity.  Last week Rich, Ron, Daniel, and I delivered their yard (200 gallons) of biochar for their greenhouse and got the grand tour.  They are on a parallel road to sustainability, doing a lot of very cool things.  Animals, bees, maple syrup, orchards, vegetable gardens, mushrooms-all well done.  Very aesthetic buildings.  A new microbrewery.  We really liked what they are doing and hope to be able to share the road together with them  on our way toward sustainability.