It is fitting and normal during this week of Thanksgiving to reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for.  We all have our families, friends, health, country, and so on, to count, but we'd like to extend our thanks out further, where it generally isn't recognized. First, we'd like to express our appreciation to the surrounding community.  Three years ago when we moved back to New Hampshire, to a new and unfamiliar area, we were a little wary of  not blending in with the community.  Small New England towns have a reputation for not readily welcoming in new people.  However, here in Sullivan, that ethos seems to have never taken hold.  Much to our pleasant surprise, everyone we encounter has been encouraging and supportive of our endeavors here at SCSA.  For that we are grateful.  We continue to feel more and more a valued part of the community, and we hope to further that as we continue to evolve and are able to provide more for the community.

We would also like to thank a bunch of people who have been instrumental in helping us progress to where we are.  These people have provided us with excellent service, and we recommend them all to anyone also in need of their assistance.  In many cases, the trust these professionals have elicited has grown into a true friendship.  Here are the ones who come to mind, in no special order.

Ed Csenge of Septic Manager has done excellent groundwork for us, from driveway/road installation and repair, to building sitework, to design and installation of our rainwater harvesting system and in-ground hot water storage tank, and more.  Thank you.

All the guys at Pinney Plumbing and Heating (including Adrian and his son Ethan, Wendell Chickering, and all of their crew) have done a great job on the plumbing for our biochar retort.  Thank you.

Bob Wells and Peter Hirst, principals of New England Biochar, have been instrumental in getting us set up to produce biochar.  Their knowledge, experience, and skill in their field is unsurpassed.  Thank you.

Steve Filipi and family, Filipi Contracting, did a remarkable job putting up our new building so quickly and skillfully.  It was truly amazing watching the entire family work in concert with each other.  Thank you.

Bruce Main, Main Construction, has also done many wonderful jobs for us whenever we've needed him and his crew, for whatever job was required, big or small.  Thank you.

Peter Hamel, AP Electric, is an electrician par excellence.  Thank you.

John Wells at Rimol Greenhouses has been a great help with the design and supply of our greenhouses.  Thank you.

Marc Spinale, Grid Be Gone, is the go-to guy for any alternative energy needs.  His customer service is above and beyond (as noted in the sidebar of our article in Monadnock Living magazine).  Thank you.

Please know that as we count our blessings this coming Thanksgiving day, you are all a big part of what we are grateful for.

Steve and Carol