SCSA-Is it a CSA or is it an Educational Center?

The answer to that question is that Sullivan Center for Sustainable Agriculture (SCSA) is actually both and so much more.   Our firsts simple goal was to live simply and provide for our families food needs through organic gardening.  When we realized how fertile the land on Angel Wing Farm was, we knew that we could and should grow for more people to benefit from nutrient rich produce.  So we thought, let's add a CSA component to the farm.  It sounded simple enough at first.  We soon discovered that planting over an acre of garden and managing a 50 tree orchard would be more than two 50 somethings could handle.  Ok, how would it look if we had an intern/apprentice program here?  We could provide room and board plus pass on some valuable knowledge that we have accumulated over the years through gardening, building passive solar houses, building and using a composting toilet, learning food storage techniques, making our own organic fertilizer, harvesting rainwater, and studying health and nutrition.  During one of our many brainstorming (mastermind) sessions Steve & I came up with the idea of providing training modules on such topics as:  Eating Seasonally & Food Storage, Rainwater Harvesting & Irrigation; CSA/Farmstand/Farmer's Market/Direct Sales- Profitable or Breaking Even; Insects-Friend or Foe; Gardening 101.  The list is endless.  There seems to be a great need for this type of education and what better place to learn it is than through the outdoor classroom at Angel Wing Farm.  Our vision is expanding daily as we think about the endless possibilities.  In the not too distant future, we will be taking delivery of a biochar retort unit manufactured and installed by New England Biochar.  Whew, I just tired myself out!  ~Carol~