A welcome guest

Over the past couple weeks we have been visited half a dozen times by our new friend "Hootie".  She is much better looking than those ugly plastic owls we used to see on buildings in California.  Twice we've seen the barred owl perched on the ridge of our new support building that the lean-to greenhouse is attached to, twice on  our barn garage, and two days in a row sitting on a bird feeder right outside the front picture window of our house.  I was able to get this photo through the window.  The flash caught her attention but didn't scare her away.  Fortunately there weren't any songbirds around when she was here, but the next morning we did notice some red snow at the base of the feeder.  Maybe one of those pesky squirrels that won't stay off Carol's bird feeder.  We would like to think that Hootie will be helping us this summer by keeping down the rodent population in the garden.  If summer would only hurry up and get here!  ---Steve