Internship Fair at Antioch New England University


We were privileged to be invited to participate in Antioch New England University's Spring Internship Fair held on Friday March 8.  It was a great day for Sullivan Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  In preparing for the event, we were able to focus on our philosophy, our values and beliefs, allowing us to crystalize our vision and mission statement.  With all of the physical work that we had been doing for the past 2  years building the infrastructure of the farm,  reclaiming the land and planting fruit trees and organic vegetable garden, we hadn't found the time to put into words what we stood for, who we were now and who we wanted to be in the future.   There is nothing like an event to make you check off your to-do-list.  It is similar to deep cleaning your house and painting the guest room when you have guests coming.

It was a pleasure to meet Sarah Bockus, the director of the intern program at Antioch, after our many emails over the past month.  She was very personable, helpful and informative.   It was evident that she had things well in hand at the event.   There were approximately 20 other presenters at the fair.  Talking with other folks with similar interests and passions revolving around the environment and sustainability was inspiring.   The students had  a wide variety of choices for their spring/summer internship.  Although we didn't have any students sign up for our program on Friday at the fair, we are confident that some of them will join the interns already scheduled through